I painted with acrylics again!


So it was a slightly plummy black on white. The building blocks of a space scene.Dark to light, yeah! But it was real acrylic on real gesso! I haven’t done acrylic painting in 30 years. It was about time. I love my watercolors, but i missed the way acrylics work. I’ll be fascinated to see how much I remember.

I taught myself how to work with acrylics when I was in my 20s. I had studied oils in art school, and would have loved to work with them but for one thing: I have a cat. There was about zero percent chance of an oil painting drying before it got cat hair in it. Acrylics dry faster, so I taught myself acrylics by trial ad error. Lots of error. I expect more error to come.

But now I wait for my starless skies to dry.


I’m too tired to make more art and too awake to go to sleep.


I did this earlier. It’s a small 5” x 7” format. (The black border and words were Photoshopped in.) I’m working to find what feels like my native style. I think I’ve looked at too many other things and confused myself. I feel that a combination of media works best for me. I stick with one when it feels right, but generally mixed media works best for me. There, I have decided.

What works best for you?